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AdeRonkę Adeyęmi - Speculative Fiction, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writer

Her words resonate with risk-takers, free-sprits, and those who live life on their own terms.          

“A girl on fire always knows how to put herself out.”  This is the mantra writer AdeRonke Adeyemi embodies through her spirit, her lifestyle, and most importantly – her art.  AdeRonke is a speculative fiction writer whose stories focus on human behavior and human experiences. Her writings stem from a witty place of femininity and self-awareness.  Her words resonate with risk-takers, free-sprit, and those who live life on their own terms.            

Hailing from Harlem, New York (the birthplace of many prominent writers), AdeRonke has been surrounded by creative inspiration most of her life.  She began writing in 2017 with a concentrated interest in Science Fiction.  The correlation between human bodies and space and medical technology piques her interest.  She is moved by the works of profound authors such as Octavia E. Butler, Ece Temelkuran, and Roxanne Gay to name a few.  When AdeRonke is not researching her next literary project or putting intriguing words on paper, she finds joy in fiddling with her Playtronica.    

AdeRonke has an impressive collection of thought-provoking literature under her belt which positions her as an exceptional storyteller for her industry.  In 2014, AdeRonke co-produced a living room salon series titled And, Now.  This series stemmed from an actual dream AdeRonke had while sleeping.  The first show took place in a Paris, France living room and for one year after that, the catchy idea quickly emerged in homes all over New York City boroughs.  After conquering this creative feat, AdeRonke followed the pull of her spirit and wrote her first monologue.  Bunny received a slew of positive accolades and was performed at the 18th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival in 2017.      

AdeRonke has written 2 spec pilots, two short films, and co-written 1 full-length script available for her television portfolio.  Her overall goals are to create episodic anthologies for television and inspire Black girls and women through her work.


B.A., SUNY Empire State College - Fine Art and Admin

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